Our customers, their stories


  • When my wife and I decided to move to our cabin home in NC, we had a very hard time getting from our home, down the stair towards the lake. With help from Paul at Stair Lifts Pro, we found that the Summit 350 OD would be perfect to withstand the outdoor elements. Hats off to the people at Stair Lifts Pro!

Marcus Taylor

  • While my husband and I began to notice our knees weren't like they used to be, we searched for our best and most affordable solution. After finding Stair Lifts Pro online, their team helped guide us through the purchase of a Vantage 300 as well as a friendly local installer.Thank you Stair Lifts Pro!

Samantha Donalle

  • When my Husband and I bought our dream home in the late 80's, we never thought that our large wrap around stair-case would be an issue, but after two knee surgeries it became a task. We didn't have the space or funds for an elevator, but the team at Stair Lifts Pro suggested a Helix Curved Stairlift. Not only does it blend into the curve of our stair, it has a nice smooth ride and is extremely comfortable. Thank you Stair Lifts Pro!

Marilyn Webb


  • I am SO happy we found Stairlifts Pro! My grandmother had been having issues getting from the garage to the first floor and we could not find an affordable solution. When we found this site online it seemed too good to be true until one of their employees called right after our order of their exclusive Vantage 300. I installed this for my grandmother by myself with minimal tools and I am by no means a "handy-man". The team at SLP guided me through the installation with videos and were right by the phone to answer any questions I had. Great team and would recommend. 

Alexandra Addison