Stairlift Basics

What is a straight stairlift? 
A straight stairlift is a stairlift that is designed to be used on a straight staircase. It is used to move you from one floor to another in your home so you can access your entire home, even if you have limited mobility or difficulty climbing up and down the stairs.
What are the benefits of straight stairlifts? 
Straight stairlifts provide a safe option for people who need assistance climbing the stairs or who are at risk of falling. They are especially helpful for seniors who want to maintain their independence as they continue to live in their own homes. For many seniors, having a stairlift can mean the difference between aging in place and moving into a different home or an assisted living facility.
How much does a straight stairlift cost? 
The cost of straight stairlifts will vary according to the model and features you choose, whether its will be needed for indoor or outdoor use, but they typically cost between $3,000 and $6,000. Basic models will cost significantly lower than higher-end ones that have more features. Our trained professionals can provide you with a more accurate quote when they come to your home, inspect your staircase, and discuss your needs with you.
How safe is the straight stairlift? 
Our straight stairlifts are installed by professional installers who are trained to set up and install your stairlift properly and safely. With built-in safety features, such as seat belts and motion sensors, our straight stairlifts are designed for safety. Our installers will also have a demonstration to teach about the lift operates, safety features, and good practices after you've completed your ride to the top or bottom of the staircase. 
Can I install my own straight stairlift? 
No, you should not install your straight stairlift on your own. Even though your staircase may be straight, that doesn’t mean the installation process is simple. Your stairlift is a complex piece of equipment that is customized to fit your staircase. By having a professional installation, you can be sure the device is properly and safely installed, and you will avoid doing anything that could negate your warranty.
Are my stairs suitable for a straight stairlift?
Stairlifts can be used on any type of stairs, even if there are bends, turns, or landings. If your staircase is straight, then you should be able to have a straight stairlift. If you have a staircase that is not straight, you should consider having a curved stairlift installed. Our trained professionals will provide you the best solution for your mobility needs and review what type of stairlift would work best in your home.
    How long will it take before my straight stairlift can be installed? 
    Because your straight stairlift is customized on site to fit your staircase and your home, depending on your specific situation this may effect timing, but in most cases a week or less. We have partnered with multiple manufacturers and construct our stairlift systems as soon as they are ordered, and it’s our goal to get your stairlift installed as quickly as possible.
      How will my straight stairlift be installed? 
      Our trained installers will inspect your existing staircase and take any appropriate measurements. When your straight stairlift is ready to install, our installers will come to your home, assemble the stairlift, and properly install it for you. After installation, they will make sure you know how to use your new stairlift.
      What are the weight capacities for straight stairlifts? 
      The weight capacities for straight stairlifts vary according to the model you choose. Most stairlifts can carry 300 to 350 pounds, but there are models that have higher weight limits. Some straight stairlifts can carry more than 400 pounds. Our trained professionals can discuss the weight limits of specific models for you to help you make your decision.